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Gabriele is a Web Designer, Web & Software Engineer and is part of the FlashBeing team. He lives in the Dolomites of South Tyrol, interacting daily with Italian, German and English languages.

Before he started working and freelancing in the Software Industrie, he experimented with completely different occupations: cooking and bartending. Beer has become one of his hobbies, together with sport, music and magic, and in 2018 he earned the Beer Expert certificate. Thanks to the passion transmitted by the father, he has also a vast knowledge of wine. This enabled him to develop his first Software: a Wine Cellar Management System.

He works now as a full-time developer, while completing the studies in Computer Science at the Free University of Bolzano.


Gabriele De Candido

Work Process

first plan, then execute. Next-Gen workers

Plan first

Specify requirements that match real needs.
Align steps in order of execution and expected completion time.

Continuous development. Agile. Next-Gen workers

Design and Develop

Agree on design and follow the whole development process with continuous reviews on continuous delivery.

Continuous delivery. Agile. Next-Gen workers


It doesn’t matter how much time was invested or wasted.
Only results matter.